About Us
Since 2019, Your Audits and Visits are Much Easier and Faster with Odito!

Odito platform; a mobile and web-based platform used by companies with distributed structures such as stores, restaurants, dealers, suppliers, and subcontractor networks to check whether these structures comply with certain standards.

Odito is all over Turkey!

We provided services to 15,000+ customers who preferred us. The leading brands of their sectors preferred Odito for their audit operations. The number of locations (dealers, stores, restaurants, suppliers, etc.) audited by Odito has exceeded 10,000. In more than 40 brands, Odito offers you 24/7 support. With Odito, which is used as an iOS, Android phone and tablet application, we enable you to manage your team from the admin panel.

Our Solution Partners

Valuable solution partners of Odito, with whom we act together in Business Model and Sales processes.